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Custom Key Features: 

1. Professionally airbrushed upper for flexibility. 

2. Professionally hand painted cement print. 

3. Professionally seal for added protection. 

ATTENTION: For our international customers, please make sure you provide your exact address in ENGLISH. 
Base shoe is included. Please allow 3-5 weeks to be completed and shipped out to you. This is subject to change due to the volume of orders. Please read our Disclaimer & Return Policy before purchasing. designer nike shoes womens Any questions, please contact us.

It's ore "OVAL" shaped than round - but it's cute.
My daughter loves it
these did not need any trim for my 38/40 waist and will keep me from gaining weight. I had these before and they lasted me well. I'd buy again for the price.
solid product
These glasses look really cool, but they're really small. I bought these for my sister, and she loved them... until she tried them on. They can fit a child but not an adult
I only had the wallet for about a week and a half before taking a Norwegian Airlines flight from London Gatwick to Tampa, Florida, where I think the wallet ended up under my seat. Warning: Norwegian Airlines makes you buy stuff on the airplane with your debit/credit card if you don't pre-order their meal service. Thus my need to dig my wallet out of my rear pocket on multiple occaisions on the 10-hour flight. The cleaning crew that Norwegian Airlines hires at Tampa or at London Gatwick must have loved this wallet as least as much as I did. I never got it back. So It must be a good wallet, right? I liked it and some Norwegian Airline cleaning crew member liked it so well, they didn't even give it back after they cleaned the cash out of it. Moral of story: Either buy a less-desirable wallet, or don't fly on Norwegian Airlines.
I normally wear a 36" waist , these were a little tight around the waist . All my other Dickies (36") still fit me comfortably . Not sure if I should try a different style .
The material and fit of these drawers is exactly what you want (unless youre the boxer type).
Nice fitting cap! I never have success when ordering caps online without being able to try them on. This one fit perfectly and looks exactly like the one in the picture. Great caps to affix patches on.
Nice shirts
This robe fit my husband well. However, the packaging said color was grey and it looks more blue than grey. But, it doesn't matter to my husband. He was looking for a warm, comfortable robe and this one fits the bill.
My husband and son love it
Is ok for the price but they look very cheap
As many pairs of these that I have ever bought I have never had a belt loop stitching come loose...even after 5 years. One wash with these and the belt loop stitching came undone.
Maybe not the sellers fault unless they are buying and selling seconds.
Well worth the cheap price. Holds cash very tight which is what i wanted.
I love these pants! They are sturdy and prefect for warmer days when you don't need any insulation.
To tight even with a 2xl
It's to long
Great fit at a low cost.
Beautiful purse, great color, exactly as described!
One of the collar stays broke after the second use.
I love it! I had been looking for a cross body with a wide strap for comfort. This is perfect!
I don't know if machine washing is recommended but I have twice & it came out looking new again.
However, it is not recommended for carrying people ; p
Glasses were very well protected during shipping. Arrived very fast. Contacted customer support and within 2 hours I had a response. The service rep was more then helpful.

Love the feel of these, they are just a tad heavier then normal glasses, only con is having to adjust and get the nose piece perfect for yourself. Other then that I see no issues with these or the company. I have actually placed and order for 2 more Duco styles and will be ordering more. I will also be telling all of my friends and family about these. I now will be laying my Wiley X and Oakley glasses down for these.
Its was very comfortable and just like picture.
Looks decent, works decent. The ID plastic sleeve is already broken only a few months later, and my ID rarely if ever comes out of the sleeve.
This is a very light and soft mask and much more comfortable to wear than all of those other cloth mask out there. No loops to irritate behind the ears, its not stupidly hot and it actually allows you to turn your head without falling off. Works for guys with beards as well.
They are very light and not too dark sunglasses. They are our backup pair in the car, so perfect for the price.
I think it might just be taste, or my foot condition, bunions but these feel like they are really crowding my toes inward. As far as construction and durability as well as breathability I think they are excellent. I will probably love them a lot more during the summer when I really want my feet to breath. Thanks.
I was skeptical before ordering these shorts because I had no experience with Amazon Essentials clothes. After wearing these shorts I love em and recommend them to all my friends. They fit just right and are comfy.