custom shirts with last name

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Due to Covid-19 we will be shipping out cases MONDAYS & FRIDAYS.


We have these plastic kits for sale which are really cool provided you wanted to have a DIY experience.

We have many types of phone cases so please be aware that here is a list of the styles we have.

Kit comes with phone case and metal pattern for sublimation, cutting outline etc...

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

Like the whole wallet except where your driver license fits
Very comfortable however VERY baggy legs! Way too Big. Not sure who they pictured in these pants.......
My girls love these! They wear them all day, and love the cute designs!
Super cute! Simple & fits as expected. A little thinner than i expected, but I love it. Quick delivery.
Great glasses! Versatile-I wear golfing, fishing, and driving. Love them
I'm 6' 8" and finding shirts that stay tucked in is tough. T-shirts have been even tougher. These are long enough that I can buy a L instead of an XL - that means the t-shirt fits well under slim cut shirts.
Very cute, all of them kinda look similar but they are still fun.
Great fits as expected.
This wallet seems to be made of great quality. Only had it a few days so hard to tell how it wears in the following years. Love the hand written note that was included in the great packaging.
Super cute
Good. Thought it would be smaller but works
Fits a little tighter than the last pack I ordered, but stretched out OK. Fit fine.
My husband loves this, he uses it for work while he drives the forklift and it keeps all kinds of debris out of his face. He'll love it even more this winter because it will keep his face from chafing under his winter facemask.
The size and quality are great .
I have a happy husband using these straps on his reading glasses instead of glasses in his shirt pocket, falling out all the time. These are nice because you can tighten the strap on your neck or back of head when doing work looking down, your glasses don't fall off.
The product is Great!
Fun and cool not sure they do anything other than look cool but I like them.
This is a repeat purchase. I first got these for my hubby a couple years ago. When the belts were worn he wanted me to get them in different colors so I did. Very happy with our purchases. Great quality/style for the price. He loves the buckle style and belts are easy to trim.
Nice glasses for the money but the lens tinting was pretty dark, too much so for normal use for my liking.
I got this bag to use as an everyday purse, its so cute and goes with everything. The grey is cool toned so it has a slightly bluish tint. I cut out the middle zipper pocket to open up more room and easier access to my things. I wish I wouldve gotten a bolder color I might order another since its so inexpensive.
Had less than a month and already fell apart :(
My husband like it
Cheap cheap
Gildan is an excellent brand, and their simple yet stylish V-Neck sets any guy apart with a look of rugged intrigue. Over time (a couple months of wear) the sleeves stretch a bit and get loose around the arms, but otherwise for the price and quantity it's a great product.
Theyre cute and danty which is what I wanted. Came on time and I like these colors. Good for the price in my opinion. Plastic stems are a little long so Im going to cut them shorter but other then that I like them.
bad quality !!
Great for holding up pants invisibly. Ends constant hiking of pants.
This is a very cute hat and the quality is great. I was impressed as soon as I opened the box.